Shuter Babbuza Dreamfactory nears completion


Shuter Enterprise is gearing up to move to a new state-of-the-art factory location by end of 2020.

Since the ground-breaking ceremony in August 2017, Shuter Babbuza Dreamfactory has slowly risen from the fertile earth of the mountains surrounding Nantou, Taiwan’s most centrally located city.

Visitors to the construction site today will see a complete building standing in front of them, with all floors completed, the roof and walls assembled, and the thirty-two-meter-tall wooden Tree of Life taking center stage in the foyer.

The months ahead will be filled with finishing touches and functional additions. Fitting the glass paneling to the side of the building, which is angled to allow airflow throughout the space; constructing the silos for feeding raw materials into the manufacturing areas; setting up the robotics for the automated storage area. And, of course, completing the interior design of office and visitor spaces.

Designed by award-winning Australian firm Williamson Architects, Babbuza Dreamfactory is a unique concept for Taiwan. It combines all the functions of a working industrial complex with tourism, educational, and eco-focused facilities open to the public.

The building will house the operations of Shuter Enterprise, including the manufacturing, packing, warehousing, and delivery of products under the company’s iconic SHUTER and livinbox brands, as well as tourism facilities like an auditorium, exhibition space, and shops selling local craft products and delicacies.

A stand-out feature of the building is a thirty-two-meter-tall tree-like structure that dominates the foyer. A true feat of design and engineering, the Shuter Tree of Life is set to be the tallest wooden structure of its kind in this part of the world.



Automatic Storage Retrieval System
A world-first crane-less system that uses state-of-the-art robotics to stack and store heavy products.

Solar Roof
The roof of the Babbuza Dreamfactory will be covered in 4,030 sqm of solar panels, with power being fed back into Taiwan’s national grid.

Automated Painting Facility
Not only will this facility make use of the latest in robotic technology, but it will also ensure Shuter can significantly shorten production times.



Tree of Life 32 m high

Warehouse & Storage Facilities 700 sqm

Warehouse Shelves 45 m high

Plastic Manufacturing Complex 6,942 sqm

Metal Manufacturing Complex 11,570 sqm

Office Area 1,322 sqm


The expected move-in date for the Shuter Enterprise office and manufacturing operations is the end of 2020.


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