SHUTER’s heavyweights of the industrial storage world


Our heaviest duty products carefully balance durability, safety, and clever design with good looks.

As specialists in industrial storage, SHUTER has something for the home workshop, huge industrial complexes and everything in-between. Across all our various storage systems, we have items that excel when it comes to storage for weighty or expensive objects like molds and CNC tooling fixtures. Let’s take a closer look at some of these heavyweights of the industrial storage world.


TC/CT Professional Ultra Heavy-Duty Carts
Pg 11 & 13 in the 2019 catalog

SHUTER professional ultra heavy duty tool carts have a unique reinforced design that ensures they meet the high strength and durability standards required by industrial workplaces. One innovative feature is the multi-purpose shelving: on one side the shelves are simply flat, but flip them over to reveal a shelf with a sturdy safety rim. Other key features include 4" TPR noiseless casters (2 fitted with brakes) and an integrated steel handle for easy relocation, and a range of combinations of tool drawers, lockers, square hole pegboard siding and backboards, and mountings for add-ons like hanging bins.

Ask for: TC5-41B, TC3-L25, CT-A616, CT-2H3D
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WB Ultra Heavy-Duty Workbenches
Pg 18 in the 2019 catalog

SHUTER workbenches come in a wide variety of sizes and worktop materials, providing a range of different choices in the heavy duty, medium duty, and light duty categories. Within the range, you can also mix-and-match a custom workbench: combine different tabletop materials with SGS-tested weight capacities and leg heights to create a tabletop perfect for a particular industrial setting or workspace. Optional accessories include square holed pegboards, hanging bin racks, light fixtures, power outlets, hanging drawer cabinets, and even heavy-duty tool cabinets.

Ask for: WH-51, WH-7M, AM-5M
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TW CNC Tool Storage Cabinets & Racks
Pg 15 in the 2019 catalog

SHUTER's range of sturdy, practical, and mobile tool carts and storage units are designed for specific CNC tooling applications. Tool holders can be adjusted to both stepped and flat styles. Customize with ease according to work situations and need. Optional accessories such as shelves, cabinet doors, pegboard siding, and more mean SHUTER CNC tool carts can be made to suit almost any industrial environment.

Ask for: TW-CT4BHA, TW-2F
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TM Mold Storage Racks
Pg 17 in the 2019 catalog

SHUTER mold storage racks are made the true heavyweights of our industrial range. Each shelf can hold up to 800 kg and the frame features a built-in crane, which is able to lift up to 500 kg. An automatic safety lock is installed on all shelves. Each unit is adjustable (shelves can be adjusted at 50 mm increments) and extendable, making it easy to create a storage system to suit your specific space. Delivered flat-packed for easy on-site assembly.

Ask for: TM-2061C
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Collapsible Storage Crates
Pg 66 in the 2019 catalog

Beautifully and cleverly crafted multi-purpose storage for all locations, from in the home or office to warehouse or industrial production line. A unique interior locking system ensures walls stay strong when the box is packed full and carried, and a special integrated gridded base design allows for safe stacking. PP plastic resists heavy impacts and corrosion, is easy to clean, and means this trunk can double as lightweight, portable indoor or outdoor seating.

Ask for: FB-6040L, FB-6432
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