SHUTER to get new digs: Babbuza Dreamfactory is on its way!


In 2020, SHUTER will be moving into new headquarters in Nangang Industrial Park in Nantou, Taiwan.

Known as the Babbuza Dreamfactory, this revolutionary eco-industrial building will house manufacturing and operational facilities as well as cultural enterprises and tourist attractions open to the public. Babuza is the name of a Taiwanese indigenous tribe that lived in the Chunghua and Nantou regions. “It is our hope that by combining the cultural value of this land with the wisdom of our ancestors, we can honor the heritage of this place,” says Yira Wu, President of Shuter Enterprise, founder of the SHUTER brand.

Designed by Australian architecture firm Williamson Architects, with project management overseen by RJC in Canada, this state-of-the-art production plant will occupy more than 20,000 m² with a monthly output of 800,000 items for the SHUTER and livinbox brands and our diverse set of local and overseas clients. A central feature of the design is the Tree of Life. Standing 30 meters tall in the building’s expansive foyer, this new heart of Shuter Enterprise is set to break records as the tallest wooden structure in the East Asia region.

Babbuza Dreamfactory will feature the latest manufacturing innovations: in-house tool making and computer-aided design; precision folding and welding; fully-automated injection molding and assembly machinery; painting facilities; and a robotic storage and retrieval system. Portions of the complex will be open to the public, including factory tours, a maker space, a museum celebrating Austronesian culture, a concert hall, cafes and restaurants, and a range of shops selling products from Taiwan’s most innovative lifestyle brands.

Babbuza Dreamfactory is being built in Nantou right now! To follow the construction progress, head to the official Facebook page.