SHUTER products tip-top at Taipei AMPA 2019


This year, it seemed visitors just could not get enough of SHUTER’s larger sized tool storage offerings.

Taipei AMPA is a fixture on the SHUTER calendar because it attracts a diverse international audience, and this year was no exception. With a reported 7,200 buyers from 142 countries, the event proved as popular as ever.

SHUTER has a range of mix-and-match, mobile, and modular industrial tool and parts storage solutions, and it was these that drew the customers in to our AMPA booth in 2019.

Stand out products included:

"What we were really proud to see in the feedback from visitors and customers at AMPA was that SHUTER products caught their eye because of our obvious attention to quality," says Yira Wu, Managing Director of Shuter Enterprise Co. Ld, the company behind the SHUTER brand. "Couple that with our innovative design, distinct aesthetic, and the first-class materials we use, and it's not hard to see why we're the market leader here in Taiwan, and why we're really starting to make an impact globally, too."

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